Monday, March 15, 2010

Here we go!

Well, we're officially on our own now. My mom returned home last Wednesday and Kirsten and I have been figuring out life with the girls by ourselves now for about a week. Certainly feels like jumping into the deep end of the pool with no arm floaties on. It's definitely tough, and we're definitely getting less sleep, but it's been fun getting more settled in as our own new little family. Yesterday was our 3 year anniversary, and Kirsten and I managed to go out for a wee date to celebrate. Some good friends came over and were perfect babysitters. Kirsten and I shot pool, ate burgers, and just relaxed. After a few hours we couldn't keep our eyes open though, so home we came.

Annabelle's been having some weird congestion stuff going on, so Kirsten took her in to the doc today. Turns out, she's totally fine and looks incredibly healthy and it's just normal baby congestion. That was nice to hear and puts us at ease. She got weighed while at the doctor and is already up to 8 lbs. 13 oz.! Katherine didn't go in, but she is definitely heavier than Annabelle, so she's got to be over 9 lbs. Wow, these girls are eating well and growing quick. I filled out our Census form, and it was fun/a little strange to count 4 humans living here instead of just 2.

With our little Prius, carrying the girls around quickly became totally unreasonable so we unfortunately are selling the Prius and we already bought a monster SUV to carry us all around. Tough to go from a fuel efficient Prius to and SUV, but it just had to happen. I was game to get a minivan, but Kirsten just couldn't go to minivan world just yet. Tomorrow we're embarking on our biggest trip yet with the girls- headed up I-5 a bit to Bellingham, as I'm doing a 50k race up there on Saturday. Lots to pack and get ready, even for a short trip. Here goes!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

1 Month Old!

My oh my, how time flies when you're hanging out with babies! With feeding every 3 hours, we aren't getting a whole lot done (not that we're supposed to), and the sun is going down again before we're even sure what day of the week it is. It's hard to believe it, but today the girls are officially 1 month old! Kirsten's mom went home about a week and a half ago after being with us 2 weeks, and we were on our own with the girls for a night. We did pretty well, but still weren't brave enough to trust the baby monitor. We tried it, got everything set up, went to bed, and within half an hour, old dad caved and was in the babies' room. Ah well, someday we'll use the monitor. Thankfully, my mom came the next day so we weren't on our own for long. Having our moms here has made the transition to parenthood far more manageable, and I'm not sure what we'd do without them.

Katherine and Annabelle are both eating really well these days, and we can see them filling out the little folds of skin in their arms and legs. We're not totally sure what their weights are these days, but our estimates (using a bathroom scale) are that they're both pushing 8 lbs. Both girls are beginning to show their own fun little personalities, and we have them awake a little more during the day now for playtime and exploring this big new world. When they're hungry, they sometimes get confused by noses and latch on. Oh, and Lucy thoroughly enjoys the Boppy pillow too.