Friday, September 30, 2011

Camping, Caspar Babypants, Zoo

Here are some shots from some of our recent adventures.  We went camping (real camping... like outside in a tent!) with the girls a few weeks ago in the N Cascades with Kirsten's family.  The girls loved it, though it got a bit colder at night than we'd planned for... oops.  We also splurged for this monster tent with 2 rooms; Kirsten, Lucy and I were in one room, and the girls in their pack and plays were in the other side.  Deluxe.  This past weekend we all went to a nearby festival and got to see Caspar Babypants (pretty much the U2 of the baby world).  The other photos are just from a field a few days ago in the zoo where we love to play and run around. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Annabelle Squnch

Annabelle started doing this recently.  We don't know why, but it makes us laugh hysterically every time.  We also figured we'd better try to capture it on video before she stops doing it.  For lack of a better word, we'll call it the Annabelle Squnch.  Enjoy!

Annabelle Squnch from Sam Thompson on Vimeo.
We don't really know what Annabelle's doing when she does this, and she does it very randomly, but whenever it happens- none of us can help but laugh uncontrollably...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Blog on the Go

This is a quick post to try a new blog app on my phone. These are just a few phone photos from some shopping trips last week. The girls love squeezing in side by side in a shopping cart.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Hurricane Chasing :: Part 2

Here are more fun scenes from our trip to the East Coast.  Included here are a belated birthday celebration for Sarah, Gavin, Preston, and Blake, some playground fun, Kirsten and Sarah brushing hair, and the girls' first ever McD's ice cream cones.  They each got their own and after some hot playground time, they really hit the spot!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hurricane Chasing :: Part 1

Last week the 4 of us headed to the East coast to visit my brother and his kids and my parents.  They had rented a beach house on the DE coast and we were going to have a lovely week at the beach... until Irene reared its ugly head.  We were on the fence about even making the flight as the hurricane tracked right for the east coast, but fortunately we decided to go anyway.  While the DE coast was evacuated and we never made it to the beach house or the beach, we had a wonderful time in the D.C. area staying with my brother and going on lots of fun adventures with the whole gang.  It was a whirlwind of a trip, and taking photos while 7 young'uns are running about is no small feat, but here's a first batch from our trip.  Scenes here include a trip to the National Zoo (where the girls and everyone else loved these spray mist cooling fountains they had along the way), and a trip to a super fun waterpark where the girls got to go down their first waterslides and really enjoyed floating the lazy river with us.