Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sandcastles and Tulips

It was sunny and warm in Seattle this past Sat-Mon!  Wait, I'm serious- I have photographic evidence.  Sunday evening we went down to the beach by our house with friends and the girls loved building sandcastles and soaking it all in.  On Monday we went up to the Skagit Valley and enjoyed the Tulip Festival.  Everything was in full bloom and the girls especially liked smelling the flowers.  Here's the evidence;
Tante Kire always gets comments about how cute her twin girls are... I wonder why.

Annabelle levitating.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter Season

Easter was more like a season than a day for the girls this year.  And even with the elongation, they seemed to love all of it.  Below is a lengthy display of the highlights.  We had an Easter egg hunt at the zoo with cousin Evy, then special Easter dresses and time with Kirsten's Mom's side of the family plus Great Grandpa, and the girls had a ball hunting eggs all the many chances they got.  In true "kids of a dietitian" fashion, our eggs at home were filled with such treasures as carrot, celery, grape, etc.  Though it might not sound so exciting, the girls were very fired up about their big finds!  By the end of Easter day, the girls proceeded to no clothes at all...

Friday, April 6, 2012

March Madness

The girls love football.  We tried to get them fired up for March Madness, but they just aren't into basketball as much.  They did enjoy a really fun visit with Grandy and Pompa in March though, and here are some photos from then;
New shades!

Tugboat story time

Night-night in a tugboat bunk

Annabelle's modeling headshot

Probably not Annabelle's modeling headshot

Monsieur et Madame PotatoHead