Tuesday, April 13, 2010

2 Months... Plus

Wow, time is flying by! Just like everyone warned us and continues to warn us about waking up one morning and realizing they're just not babies anymore, we're amazed at how the girls are growing! Not to worry, our girls are still very much babies, but they are definitely growing like crazy and changing a lot. My apologies for no recent updates (and this one will be short), but the hours in each day just seem to evaporate.
Our 2 month checkup was last week, and the doctor said both girls looked "absolutely perfect." We of course already thought that, but it was nice to hear a medical professional confirm it. Katherine was over 10 lbs and pushing up toward 11, and Annabelle was just an ounce shy of 10 lbs, so she'd definitely hit the mark by now. Annabelle had a blocked tear duct a few weeks ago, which was strange and a bit alarming. She had a really goopy eye and looked like she was always crying, but she's all cleared up and doing great now. The girls also got their first round of vaccination shots at this checkup. It was hard to see the girls cry so much, but it was over quickly and they did just fine.

Our sleep schedule is a little more normal now, with Kirsten usually taking the first shift and me taking the second shift. Some nights we get more sleep than others, but the girls are getting more used to their crib now and seem to understand that night time is for quiet sleeping and quick, boring feeds. We're down to feeding only every 4 hours during the day now too, which makes it easier to go out for lots of walks, taking them to run errands, etc. The girls are both smiling a lot these days, and cooing a bit too, so that makes Mom and Dad's hearts melt. I was running at Greenlake a few days ago with the girls, and a lady said, "those girls are gonna have their daddy wrapped around their little fingers." I laughed and replied, "I'm pretty sure they already do." I'm sure I've missed a lot in this update, but I'll write more again soon. Gotta go catch a few winks before my night shift starts.

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