Friday, May 28, 2010

Singin' In the Rain

Just re-posting this blog post I just put up on The North Face blog;

Sure, it rains a good bit here in Seattle… I won’t deny the stereotype. Prior to having twin girls, I found I’d often time my run departure times based on whenever the next sun break happened to appear. However, with twin girls the schedule quickly becomes king, and if it’s the chunk of time for running with the girls, we’re going- rain or shine.

ST 7

The girls have come to absolutely love their daily run(s) with Daddy, and I likewise. The outside air calms them and all the lovely smells and sounds of the outdoors give them great delight. Even the raindrops on their stroller cover seem to put them right to sleep. When it’s time to go, I look out the window and if it’s raining, I toss on a light rain jacket, slip the rain cover on the stroller down and make sure the girls are cozy, and we’re off. (If it’s not raining, I’ll toss a light jacket in the stroller pocket just in case… as they say in Seattle, “if it’s not raining now, just wait.”)

ST 6

Our girls are only about 4 months old at this point, but it’s been a joy to see their love for the outdoors grow in just this short time of life so far. I know there will be many adventures to come in the near future (like this summer!), but for now our main adventures consist of running time with dad. And if for some reason the girls are a little fussy, then I’ll sing a little Old McDonald as we run, and then we’re always good to go.

St 5
What's your favorite thing to do outdoors on a rainy day?

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  1. Hi Sam, a friend of mine who is racing Hardrock this year stumbled upon your blog and passed along the link to me. I have enjoyed reading your posts and looking at the pictures, you're twins are so cute!

    I too am a trail runner and live in Boulder, Colorado. My wife and I are expecting twins in the fall, though we do not yet know the gender, (but hope to find out very soon). I am already scoping out trails to run with the baby jogger and am fearing that I may even have to resort to a treadmill as a lost resort.

    Drop me a line sometime at

    I think we may have some mutual acquaintences in the running world and I am sure I will have plenty of questions for you come fall.

    Thanks, Jeff Valliere