Thursday, July 8, 2010

Why run so far, Dad?

Summer finally arrived in Seattle, and the girls seem to be enjoying the warm air and getting to roll around in nothing but diapers most of the time. This morning after a beautiful run overlooking the Olympic Mts., the girls were very curious about why on earth I might have the compulsion to run 100 miles. I tried (to no avail) to convince them of the many intangible joys and benefits of completing such a run. However, they weren't buying it and were certain there had to be some prize or something one actually receives for running such a distance. So I showed them the few small finishers awards from the Bighorn 100 and let them play with them. Katherine was nonplussed by the large rock, but Annabelle was quite pleased with the taste of the sleek, shimmery jacket.

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