Wednesday, September 15, 2010

We're Big Girls!

The girls love to go for long walks and runs in our awesome jogging stroller, and this weekend they reached a big milestone. Until now, they've ridden in these excellent little zip-up "baby bivies" (in the picture below) that keep them super cozy and allow them to lay down and nap while we ride. However, in the past few weeks, we've been having to fold their legs up a bit to squeeze them into these bivies. After holding out as long as we could, I took out the bivies and installed the next step up- the big girl setup. Now, they are sitting upright (picture above from yesterday) and they look like they're in a Top Gun cockpit, and boy do they love it! Now they're able to see everything as we go (or just nap), and they are very pleased with this new change.

I was gone this weekend running another 100 miler in the mountains, so Kirsten and Tante Kire got the girls primed and rolling in this new setup. In other news, the girls have managed to come down with their first cold, which is definitely unfortunate. Annabelle got the sniffles this weekend, and now Katherine has it too and both are having trouble breathing at night as they're very congested. We've got the humidifier going though, and hopefully they'll be better very soon. For now though, we've got/had a few extra long nights on our plates. We are laying low during the day this week so the girls can rest and get better quick!

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