Monday, April 25, 2011


We had a busy, but really great Easter weekend.  On Saturday we all went to the zoo for their annual Bunny Bounce.  There was a special enclosed area for little ones to "hunt" eggs.  As you can see, they weren't too hard to find.  With a solid training day on Friday, Katherine and Annabelle did very well, despite not having any vessel in which to collect their eggs.  They seemed content with just what they could carry though.  Saturday was a glorious day, and the first time this year Seattle has hit 60 degrees.  On Sunday the rain was back, but we went to church very early, and the girls made it through their first full big church service (as there was no nursery open for that early service).  After a morning nap at home, we headed up to Bellingham for a huge Easter feast with Kirsten's family.  The girls got a kick out of exploring a new place and lots of extra love, played right through their afternoon nap, and got to enjoy another fun indoor egghunt.  Then it was back home after a very full day.  In other news, Annabelle finally has 4 upper teeth breaking through, and Katherine is getting closer and closer to walking unassisted.

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