Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sun, sun, sun, fun, and Mrs. Bush!

This weekend it seems Seattle finally got the memo about summertime and the sun came out!  Kirsten had a full weekend of ultimate playoff games, so the girls and I went out to cheer and play in the grass both Saturday and Sunday.  (Note: Kirsten's ultimate team is headed up by the owners of Georgetown Brewery, and the growler of beer Annabelle has is well capped... she just liked the cold hard bottle.)  Saturday night we all went down to a bike crit race in Ballard too.  The girls loved cheering and clapping each lap (about every minute).  On Monday, we had a great family outing to the zoo where we played in the grass some more, made lots of animal sounds, and then had a yummy burger and fries lunch out.  This morning a friend got us tickets to see Laura Bush speak at Key Arena, so the girls and I packed up and made it happen.  We were seated right in the front VIP area, and we got a lot of unhappy looks when we arrived so I was really nervous about how the girls would behave, but they were really super, munched on cheerios, and enjoyed all the action.  Whew. 


  1. Hey Sam! Jake and I love reading your blog every once and while, and watching the twins grow! Eli's getting big now, too! We absolutely LOVE all your pictures, and are wondering what kind of a camera you have! They have such great quality! Hope all is well!

    Cousin Sarah (and Jake) Bollinger

  2. Hey Sarah! Great to hear from you, and thanks for checking out the blog! I shoot with just a Canon Rebel T1i SLR. We've really loved it, and it allows us to get some really fun shots of the girls. Hope you guys are doing great!