Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Football Saturday

Well, we don't do this every Saturday, but this was an exception.  The girls both had mysterious 1 day fevers and were feeling lousy, Kirsten had to be at work all day for a special training, and the weather outside was just plain crummy.  So the girls and I snuggled in our jammies for a very large chunk of the day and enjoyed game after game of college football, always tracking 2-3 games at any given time.  The girls actually loved it, and got extremely into throwing their hands in the air and sort of saying, "touchdown!" (sounded more like "duh-dohhhhn") anytime someone scored.  It was a great lazy day, and they're feeling much better now.   We also went down to Steilacoom to visit Kirsten's grandparents and take in a local cider squeeze festival on Sunday.  No pictures unfortunately, but the girls especially liked the fresh apple pie a la mode.

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