Thursday, March 8, 2012


We've been even busier than normal lately, but all good things.  Our kitchen remodel is finally close to complete, and definitely fully functional now, so that is great.  Here's a barrage of photos from this month so far.  The girls love to go out running now (not in the stroller...), and there are some photos from today's trail run in this batch.
Wizard of Oz- far and away our favorite movie now

Snap Pea Bandit

French Story time

Not what it looks like.  Annabelle decided instantly it was time to do pushups during this run...


  1. Wow, they are really getting big! Their hair is really getting long too, there is hope for us after all ;).

    1. Haha, definitely- yeah hair seems to be growing slowly but surely! Your girls are growing like crazy too and looking like more and more fun for sure!