Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sandcastles and Tulips

It was sunny and warm in Seattle this past Sat-Mon!  Wait, I'm serious- I have photographic evidence.  Sunday evening we went down to the beach by our house with friends and the girls loved building sandcastles and soaking it all in.  On Monday we went up to the Skagit Valley and enjoyed the Tulip Festival.  Everything was in full bloom and the girls especially liked smelling the flowers.  Here's the evidence;
Tante Kire always gets comments about how cute her twin girls are... I wonder why.

Annabelle levitating.


  1. Wow, awesome batch of photos! They are getting so big and still as cute as ever.

    Congrats on the sunny days, I know how you feel (I am from NH originally), but I wish we could trade you some sunny days for some rainy days, we really need it here and it is a nice break from the almost always sunny weather routine.

    1. Ha, thanks Jeff- if only we could indeed trade some days here and there! We're getting a bit more sun lately, but still pretty chilly here. Hope you guys get some showers soon! Glad to see you and your girls are doing so well too!