Friday, January 4, 2013

Run Along

I have a plethora of photos I haven't yet had a chance to post (going back to summer...), but here are some recent photos from trailrunning with the girls.  They love it and this week on a sunny day we did our longest run ever- 3 miles!  They were definitely tired at the end but with a picnic in the middle they ran strong and were loving it.  Also, as you can see dresses and tutus are their running apparel of choice!

1 comment:

  1. 3 miles, that is awesome! We are no where near that yet. They can maybe pull off a mile or so, but the limiting factor is the distractions and potential for changing their mind on the whole thing. I don't dare get too far from the house without a stroller or a wagon, as carrying them back is a real chore, especially when they are in a cranky state. I am hoping by next summer, we can tackle some more ambitious walks and maybe even very short mountains, but I might be getting ahead of myself, don't want to push it too soon.