Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bigtime Camping Trip

We went full-on camping this weekend.  3 mile hike in, big heavy packs, campfire, marshmallow roasting, sleeping under the stars, waterfalls, 3 miles out.  Daddy might have been a little overly ambitious on this one.  It got pretty darn cold and everyone was really tired for the hike out, but the girls did awesome and can't stop talking about all the fun they had.  Here are a few pics.

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  1. AMBITIOUS!!!! Nice work with a 6 mile backpack, I am impressed. We have been threatening to take the girls car camping this summer, or maybe borrow the in-law's RV, but I can't see us backpacking for at least another year, but you guys always give us inspiration.

    Hoping to get in some better hiking with them though this coming summer as they improve their walking skills and stamina. I am still a bit gunshy about pushing too far (even around the neighborhood), as when they break down, they really break down and it can be a looong tiring carry back home ;).