Friday, December 3, 2010

Picasso... and Friday Dress-up Pics

Last night we braved the crowds once more to take the girls downtown to the SAM to see the huge Picasso exhibit.  This time I got tickets in advance online, and we went straight in with no problem!  The vastness of the exhibit was almost overwhelming- this is just a sampling of his work, but Picasso was incredibly prolific in all mediums.  The girls really enjoyed the first several galleries, but soon became very very restless (largely I think because it was very crowded and got really warm in there).  So, we probably weren't able to spend the time at the remaining exhibition rooms that Picasso is due, but we did the best we could and still had fun seeing such iconic works in person, even if briefly and in a somewhat hectic manner.  There were no photos allowed in the exhibit, and the girls were in no mood for photos anyway, but here are some photos from today when we were playing dress-up with some fun new clothes and hats.


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