Thursday, December 2, 2010

Healthy Family and Back to the Zoo

Well, the whole Thompson gang is finally healthy again, and boy are we happy!  Kirsten's feeling much better, I'm better, and the girls' congestion and runny noses are pretty much gone too.  Whew!  Annabelle had a really rough patch over the past few weeks of not sleeping well at all during the night, which was very negatively impacting our sleep too, but all is well again... at least for now.  We now have Annabelle in the guest room by herself in the pack and play and Katherine in her own crib in their room.  Hopefully we can transition Annabelle back to their room for sleeping again soon. 

Yesterday, the Seattle rain let up a bit, so we headed to the zoo.  The zoo is really fun in the winter- hardly anyone is there and many of the animals are far more active and fun to watch- yesterday we hung with the gorillas and jaguar for a while and the girls got a kick out of getting so close to them.   Oh, and yes- this is a new blog layout.  Bigger pictures, a more fun background... the old layout was just too boring.

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