Sunday, November 28, 2010

Our First Race... and Big Win!

Yesterday the girls and I ventured out into the chilly winter weather to brave our first big race in the Chariot running stroller.  They've been excited all week, and after bundling up like crazy and a good pre-race milk meal, we were on the road.  We were running the low-key Seattle Ghost Half Marathon that runs right along Lake Washington here in Seattle.  We got there late, but fortunately the race started late too, so we ran up just as folks were taking off, which was perfect.  We started in the very back (which was good since we were the only stroller), but quickly made our way up toward the front.  The rain held off, and it was a lovely cool, gray winter day.  Katherine and Annabelle did amazingly well, and were actually awake and taking it all in for much of the race.  Despite Dad's stops for photos, baby adjusting, etc., we still managed to finish strong and the girls tied each other for 2nd woman overall (though Katherine claims she leaned into the tape at the finish...)!  I'm fairly certain we took the twin stroller division quite handily as well.  The girls didn't want to quit, so we did a bonus loop of 4 or so more miles, then hung out and got warm by the fire post-race and enjoyed some well-earned recovery milk.  It was a delightful day, and Kirsten really enjoyed sleeping in and relaxing a bit!

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