Monday, November 22, 2010

Our First Snow Day!

It's been a rough last week or so here at the Thompson home, but we've been having a great Monday snow day today.  The girls have been sick and not sleeping well at night, and Kirsten and I have been getting sick on and off as well as the germs move around the family.  (Lucy the dog, fortunately, seems quite healthy.)  It started snowing yesterday here in Seattle, which isn't all that normal, and it's been snowing most of today.  So despite all of us feeling a bit lousy, the girls really wanted to go out and see the snow.  So we headed down to our favorite neighborhood park for a hike and some playtime in the snow.  We offered the girls snow to eat, but they weren't that into it.  They got a kick out of the falling snow though, and Katherine couldn't seem to stop laughing.  Hopefully the breath of fresh air will be good for all of us, and we'll all be feeling better very soon.  Tired Mommy and Daddy are certainly hoping for more sleep again sometime soon. 

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