Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Well, we didn't exactly make it out trick or treating with the girls last night, but we did get their costumes on in the afternoon and go to... yep, you guessed it- the zoo!  It's just a really fun place to go, it was a perfect crisp fall day, the girls love it, and yesterday they were having a special Pumpkin Bash where many of the animals had their own pumpkins to enjoy in their enclosures.  The bears seemed most keen on the pumpkins, whereas most of the other animals just left them alone for Halloween decor.  Annabelle was a puppy and Katherine was a bunny, and the zoo was full of kids in lots of fun costumes.  Annabelle and Katherine were also pleased to hear that that would finally be the last time we'd put them into those silly costumes!
We had a good many trick-or-treaters stop by last night, which was fun.  I had a TON of candy leftover from the Carkeek 12 Hour race on Saturday, so we were very generous with the candy and the kids were very happy.  Once the girls went to sleep, we didn't really want people ringing the bell, so I did a quick child psychology experiment...  I filled our candy cauldron to the brim with candy (a very large cauldron), and put it on our doorstep with a nice little sign wishing the kids Happy Halloween, sorry we missed them but we're asleep, and please help yourself to 1 handful of candy.  I was optimistic that in the spirit of Halloween kids would be honest and be happy to take just a handful of candy (or perhaps even 2).  Unfortunately I was wrong; when I went out to retrieve the cauldron only an hour later, it was bone dry.  Oh well, I'm sure some kid had a very full pillow case, and some dentist will be very happy.  Next time I'll plant a video camera!  Hope everyone had a very happy Halloween!

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