Thursday, January 27, 2011

Big Girl Bath

This week the girls got to try their very first big girl bath in the big girl tub (no small baby tub within the big tub).  They loved it and were less eager to scamper and climb right out of the bath as they've been prone to do lately.  In other big girl news, they are both drinking a bit of real whole milk now mixed in with their bottles, as their upcoming 1 year birthday means a transition to big girl milk.  Katherine's been fighting a weird infection, but after a really rough night last night she seems to be doing a little bit better.

Big Girl Bath from Sam Thompson on Vimeo.


  1. They are so precious! So fun to see you be a dad. Hope y'all are doing well!

    kate (and joey, joseph, and james!)

  2. Hey Kate! Thanks and great to hear from you- just checked out your family's blog too, and love seeing your boys too! Glad you're all doing so well!