Friday, January 28, 2011

E.R. Adventures...

Well, Katherine's mystery infection wasn't going away yesterday so we decided to go see the doc.  She just wasn't herself and had been really irritable (which isn't like her at all).  Unfortunately our pediatrician was triple booked, so they recommended we go to the E.R. up on Capitol Hill.  So that's what we did.  I packed lots of food and drink and snacks and we headed out for a loooong adventure.  We ended up being at the hospital for about 5 hours, the girls totally missed their afternoon nap, and poor little Katherine endured lots of poking and prodding.  Both girls were troopers and did amazingly well.  Kirsten came and met us at the hospital, so fortunately we were all there to support each other.  So after a catheter urine draw, blood draw, and some chest xrays, Katherine was diagnosed with some sort of lung infection.  Her blood white count was high, and her lungs were visibly inflamed in the xrays.  So she is on Amoxicillin now and we'll go in for another checkup on Monday.  She seems to be in much better spirits already this morning and is more giggly than she's been, so it seems like she's already getting back to her normal jolly self.  Please say some extra prayers for Katherine and her little lungs though!  Here are some photos I took in the E.R. yesterday.  As you can see, both girls did really well and Katherine really liked her special tired tiger xray dress.

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