Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Katherine's in the Clear!

Thanks so much for all the extra thoughts and prayers for Katherine!  Since getting on her medicine after the ER visit, she's gotten much better incredibly quickly, and we had a fun weekend all together.  Katherine's appetite is back and she is back to her jolly little self, crawling around with her sister again.  Kirsten took her in for a followup visit with the pediatrician yesterday (the first time in their lives that the girls have been split up!), and the doc pronounced her totally fine.  Her lungs are clear and he though results were inconclusive as to what she had, he thought it was some mystery virus that came and went.  Either way, we're so thankful that we're back to normal here at home with 2 happy healthy little exploring girls.  Katherine wore her cozy kitty cat outfit to the doc, and was tickled pink about it...

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