Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Front Back Fun

Kirsten and I have been using the front pack carriers for a while, but they really seem to pull our backs in very uncomfortable ways whenever we use them.  So we recently added a backpack to our gear menagerie, and it's been awesome!  Yet another benefit of having twins- with one in front and one in back, you're able to create a much nicer balance!

To celebrate Katherine being back at full throttle, we took a trip to the zoo yesterday and went for the front/back setup this time instead of our usual stroller situation.  The girls loved having a better view of the animals and we had fun taking it all in.  We've also starting doing Dad's favorite running trail loop with the front/back setup through the woods, and you can check out some of that fun in this new video.

Front Back Expeditions from Sam Thompson on Vimeo.

This is a little sample of some of the fun the girls and I have on our normal hike/jog in our favorite park by our house. Lots of singing and babbling and exploring for all of us!

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