Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Back in the Saddle

Well, Daddy's back home and back in the saddle with the girls again. Today we ventured out to the zoo again, and I pushed the envelope to try the girls out in the stroller like "big girls" (i.e., strapped directly into the stroller, and not just plopping them straight in without getting out of their car seats). They were perfectly happy, and I think enjoyed being able to see the animals better, but they're still having a little trouble holding their heads up... especially when they fall asleep.I had a great time in Wyoming/Montana, and a really fun time at the Bighorn 100, but it's great to be back home to all my girls. Fortunately my Mom was able to come out for a visit to help take care of the girls while I was gone, so that was a huge help. The girls had a fun time with Grandma, and even got to have a double Grandma day on Friday when Kirsten's Mom came down too and the girls and the Grandmas went to the zoo. Katherine and Annabelle loved all the extra snuggling too.

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