Thursday, June 3, 2010

Chasing Sunshine

I think it's safe to say our little family dodged a bullet this week, and boy are we grateful! After a very long day charging in the mts. on Saturday (an unreasonably cold and wet day), I managed to come down hard on Sunday with the flu. Fortunately it lasted only 24ish hours, and by Monday night I was feeling a good deal better. Kirsten thankfully was able to take care of the girls and I just slept and kept my distance as much as possible. Tuesday morning, Kirsten was back to work and I was back on duty full-time with the girls. I felt almost totally better, but just had zero energy. After laying low for a few days, the girls and I went out this morning to celebrate everyone else staying healthy and the sun coming out! Here are some highlights from the zoo this morning;

A bunch of pink flamingos;
A little fuzzy lamb (oh, and the sheep in the background too!);
Katherine and the White-Naped Crane;

Annabelle and the elephant;

And the girls in a post-zoo euphoria;
After a good feed and a wardrobe change (aka diaper change), we're back on the go this afternoon for a nice run!

1 comment:

  1. Oh my gosh, you guys, the expressions on those kiddos' faces are KILLING me. Seriously, how can two babies be so darn adorable? I will have to get down to Seattle one of these days for some baby snuggles!

    Love, Anna