Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Running with the Gang

People often wonder how on earth I'm able to run with 2 babies and a dog. Well, I'll be honest- it's not easy; 1 person running and in charge of 3 others is no easy task. But we all love it, so we make it happen.

The reactions of people nearly everywhere we go is quite amusing. I've never had just one baby, but I imagine 1 baby goes through life a little more inconspicuous than 2 at a time. With our girls in toe, literally everywhere we go people seem to feel obliged to make comments- everything from the benign and obvious statements like, "Oh, you have 2 babies," to the more agitating and less welcome comments like, "Double trouble," or "Twice the work." At this point honestly, most comments don't even evoke nor warrant a reaction from me, but I'll tell you what; if the comments seem plentiful when it's me and the girls... wow, throw in Lucy the dog, and people just don't know what to do. The sheer volume of under the breath comments, braking cars to gawk at the circus, or simply jaws dropping is literally mind boggling. Anyway, I know it's not common for folks to see, so it's all just fine by me I suppose, but these are a few shots from our run today. Needless to say, the girls love our runs and it's a glorious nap-time for them;

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  1. Hey Sam, good stuff! As you know, I'll soon be in the same boat with the two girls and a dog. I will have to work on the dog/leash thing as our 50lb Aussie mix is not so great on leash and is very strong (we are most always off leash in the mountains). Having watched Dave Mackey's daughter some, I know how great the baby jogger ride works for napping, it is like magic.