Friday, February 10, 2012

2 Year Checkup

Yesterday we had our 2 year checkup for the girls, which ended up being very conveniently scheduled as we were able to just use it as a followup appointment to check on Annabelle's recovery as well.  The doc thinks she may have come down with roseola (which sounds a lot more fun that it is), but she's doing much much better today.  Appetite is up a bit, she's drinking a good bit, and she is actually up and about and playing some more too.  Thank you for all your prayers through this crazy week!

Also, both girls were right on track for their growth charts, etc. yesterday.  Annabelle fell way off her curve for weight, but that's because she's gotten pretty skinny from being sick this week.  She should be doing fine once we get her back to her normal.

Here are some photos from the last few weeks from different things.

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