Monday, February 6, 2012

2nd Birthday and a Big Scare

The girls turned 2 on Saturday and we had a really fun party for them that night.  They had a great time with friends and loved their cupcakes and blowing out candles.  These photos were taken by our friend Michael Hanson (who, by the way just released an awesome new book about urban farming!).
On Sunday, Annabelle woke in the wee hours of the morning with a really high fever.  We gave her ibuprofen, but she had a really rough time.  Her temp kept climbing, and a little before noon we had our scariest moment of parenting to date- Annabelle had a seizure as she was on the couch.  It was incredibly scary and lasted a few minutes.  We called 911, and they were here in no time.  We then ended up at Children's Hospital (where Kirsten works), and they took amazing care of us.  The type of seizure Annabelle had is a febrile seizure, and it's fairly common in little ones, and her prognosis is very good.  There shouldn't be any lasting effects or anything like that, and she's slowly becoming more herself again today.  Her temp is still high, so her little body is still fighting whatever caused all of this, but we're praying she gets better and is running around again very soon.  Please keep Annabelle in your prayers!

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