Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Annabelle on the Mend

Annabelle is recovering now, though it's been a long few days.  We ended up back in the Children's ER today after talking with Annabelle's doc this morn.  She's on pain meds now which has helped her to eat and drink, which is great.  They think she has some sort of virus, and we just continue to pray for a quick recovery.  Thank you for your prayers!  Here's a handful of photos from my phone and a quick video;

Some little video snips from Annabelle being sick this week.


  1. Sorry to hear about the scary moments, but glad to hear Annabelle is on the mend. We have been pretty sick here as well for nearly 2 weeks. Have already been to the doctor and we are going again today. Might be RSV. Ughh.

    1. Thanks Jeff, and so sorry to hear that you guys are fighting sickness too. Hope it resolves quickly and that everyone's back up and running again soon!