Friday, February 19, 2010

2 weeks old and growing strong

Yesterday the girls turned 2 weeks old, and although it's been a whirlwind and a blur, it's already hard to imagine life before we had these little angels in our lives. The adrenaline coursing through us for the first week or so (evidenced by my copious blog posting) seems to have worn off now and general fatigue is definitely setting in. We're still going strong though and getting our sleeping/feeding schedule more figured out. The girls are doing well in their crib and we've almost worked up enough courage to try not sleeping in their room with them and trust the baby monitor... almost. Kirsten and I trade off through the night on sleeping with/feeding the girls. We had our 2 week checkup for the girls this week (albeit a few days early), and this is the appointment where they should be back up to their birth weights and... they're both doing just great! Katherine was dead on it back to 6 lbs. 7 oz. and Annabelle had even gone a little over up to 5 lbs. 14oz, so they're both right on track. Katherine unfortunately developed a case of thrush this week, so we faced our first medical baby issue. Definitely hard to see baby hurting, but the medicine seemed to work quickly and she's pretty much back to normal again now. Annabelle got all the same medicine too, as the doc said if one had it, the other would definitely get it, so we just treat them both. We're all loving this sunny, warm Seattle weather and getting out for plenty of nice walks. We even did a lap around Greenlake with the girls and Lucy a few days ago!

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  1. SAM & KIRSY!! i got around to finding your blog...i'm so glad i did! i sure like your two new pals and mrs. lucy! what a cute group to see walking around greenlake. you're the winners. absolutely.