Tuesday, February 9, 2010

An apple a day...

With a pure milk diet, apples just don't seem to be on the menu yet for the girls, so it looks like visits to the doc are unavoidable. We had our first doctor's visit today for their standard checkup and we got the girls psyched up and in the zone for shots pre-visit. Being that this was our first time to leave the house with the girls, I was quite pleased to be checking in at the desk only 5 minutes late for our appointment. With game faces on, they struck gold when we met with the doc- no shots at all today, just low key measurements and whatnot. Annabelle and Katherine are both growing, gaining weight, and doing just great. We made it out for another beautiful walk too and had some more nice visits from friends. We're getting better and a little more used to the every 3 hour feeding clock now, so that's great. We catch a few winks of sleep when the girls do!

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