Wednesday, February 3, 2010

See Sam Parent? Parent Who?

Tomorrow is the big day. Kirsten (my wife) has been lovingly cooking twin girls in her belly for 38 weeks and a day now, and they're finally coming out tomorrow morning! The girls and Kirsten have been doing great through this whole journey. The girls have grown concordantly throughout and should both be over 6 lbs. each when we meet them tomorrow. Although Kirsten's feeling all the extra weight, she's done amazingly well and has been blessed with a spectacular pregnancy. We're first on the docket for a C section with our doctor tomorrow. It feels a bit strange to schedule your babies' birthday, but it's also been nice to have a semi-firm day to look forward to. It's also hard to believe we'll have 2 miniature humans that look kind of like us tomorrow that we will love so very much from the moment we lay eyes on them.

So I figured I'd start a new blog and share my thoughts/experiences from a new dad's perspective. I'm sure there are loads of dad blogs out there, but there have to be significantly fewer dads of twin girl blogs. And my guess is there are very very few blogs by ultrarunning-stay-at-home-(for now) dads of twin girls complemented by guest blogging from a dietitian mommy, so it's high time the interweb gets this missing piece of unique commentary.

Tomorrow this parenthood journey begins. The nursery's ready, the car seats are installed. We have boppy pillows and loads of tiny pink clothes. Please pray for Kirsten and our little girls (names still TBD!) tomorrow morning. I'll get some pics posted some time Thursday hopefully! Alrighty, time to go bake a pair of birthday cakes... tomorrow's a big day!

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  1. Oh! How cute! You have the TNF onesies already! Perfect timing for the new infant line for you guys!! Congrats, the girls are beautiful!