Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wild Blue Yonder

Last night we made it out of the hospital once and for all and the four of us ventured out into the big new world together. After just 2 nights there we definitely felt a bit rushed leaving but were happy to head home. The afternoon was really busy with lots of checks and tests for the girls and making sure we had everything together. Annabelle had to do a special car seat test in the special care nursery because she was under their weight threshold by a wee bit. After a really boring test with Annabelle sitting in her seat covered in sensors and dad sitting beside her on the floor for an hour and a half, she passed with flying colors and were on our way. She's learned to grab onto our fingers when she wants to be comforted so she just sat quietly and held my finger the whole time. It was amazing to see all the other even tinier babies in that nursery and made me all the more grateful that our girls were able to keep cooking so well into the full term range. After beautiful sunny views of the Olympic Mts. all day from our room, we headed out to the car in the far more typical Seattle rain around 9pm... might as well get them used to it right off the bat!We've also been working hard with the girls on their first words. They should definitely be able to say "Who Dat?!?!?" by this afternoon for the big game, and they couldn't be more excited about watching the Saints go at it!

We're all happy to be home and had a pretty good night last night. Kirsten's Mom and Dad came down today to visit the girls and Kirsten's Mom will be staying with us for the next couple of weeks to help us get settled in, which'll be really wonderful. We can't wait for lots of tummy time this afternoon watching the big game!

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